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Islamic State opens an office to register people in al- Mujaheddin rank

Office of Call and Mosque” of Islamic State in “al- Forat State” that contains the Syrian city of al- Bo Kamal and Iraqi city of al- Qaem has distributed a leaflet, SOHR got a copy of it, stated that Islamic State has opened an office in “al- Forat State” for those who want to enroll in al- Mujahedeen ranks and …

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The regime security forces arrest the doctor “Maria Sha’bo”

          The regime security forces arrest a doctor who was born in the regime’s jails 26 years ago.   SOHR knew that the security forces has still detained Dr Maria Bahjat Sha’bo since Sunday in November 2. She was arrested on the Lebanese- Syrian border when she was coming back with the 2 activists Jdayye’ Nofal …

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