The Israeli airstrike kill 3 members of the regime forces, while the regime helicopters drop a lot of explosive barrels on several areas in the countryside of Daraa


Daraa Province: The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas in the towns of al- Msefrah, al- Na’emah, Semlin, Deir al- Adas, Otman andOdwan, as well as places in the area  that links the two towns of al- Yadodah and al- Mzerib with each other and the two cities of Inkhel and Bosra al- Sham. They also dropped barrel bombs on areas in Daraa al- Balad in the city of Daraa and neighborhood of Tariq al- Sad in Daraa al- Mahatta in the city of Daraa too.


The Islamic battalions targeted by several shells a regime checkpoint located on the road linking the city of Daraa with town of Tafas.


The regime forces shelled areas in the town of al- Hrak with no information about victims.


Al- Quneitera Province: 3 members from the regime forces and a militiaman from Hezbollah died during aerial bombardment carried out an Israeli aircraft targeting a house and 2 cars in front of it in the farmland of al- Amal in the countryside of al- Quneitera.

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