Although calm still prevails in 4 provinces according to an international-regional agreement, the regime forces mobilize on the outskirts of Idlib and Hama in preparation for a planned military operation

The provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia are witnessing a continuation of cautious calm since after midnight of yesterday until the moment, where no violations, shelling, or targeting there have been documented since the midnight of yesterday in these provinces, except for the fall of 3 rocket shells launched by the regime forces this morning, Wednesday, on places in the agricultural land surrounding al-Lataminah town in the northern countryside of Hama, after the Turkish-Russian ceasefire agreement in the 4 provinces, which in turn have recently witnessed escalation of aerial and ground shelling. And this calm coincided with the continuation of mobilization by the regime forces and their allies, which they have begun days ago in the triangle area of Sahl al-Ghab – west Jisr al-Shughur – Lattakia Mountains, in order to control them and force the factions to retreat northward towards Idlib province, where the regime forces transported equipment, members, machinery, armored vehicles and ammunition after withdrawing from the front of the Syrian south, where the operations ended with regime’s full control of Daraa and Quneitra provinces.

The Syrian Observatory published hours ago that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a state of calm prevailing the provinces of Hama, Idlib, Aleppo and Lattakia completely, since the midnight of Tuesday – Wednesday, in the wake of information about reaching a Russian – Turkish agreement on a ceasefire in these areas, provided that it is not violated by neither the rebel and Islamic factions nor the regime forces and their allies, in the wake of targeting to positions of the regime forces in Al-Mujanzirat School in the north-eastern countryside of Hama and the area of Abu Omar in the south-eastern sector of Idlib countryside, which caused material damage and damage to military equipment in the targeted area, but no information was reported yet about casualties.

While this truce comes after tens of air and ground strikes by warplanes and helicopters and by the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them, on areas in the northern countryside of Hama, the western countryside of Idlib and the western countryside of Aleppo, which resulted in the fall of tens of casualties and wounded, and caused material damage and destruction to the property of the citizens and the infrastructure.

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