The regime forces shell several areas in Sahl al-Ghab and northwest of Hama violating again the Turkish – Russian truce

The majority of the Russian – Turkish truce areas on its 18th day in the 4 provinces of Aleppo, Hama, Idlib, and Latakia, are witnessing the continuation and escalation of violations, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the regime forces targeting areas in the vicinity of Sermaniyyeh town in Sahl al-Ghab at the northwestern countryside of Hama, and other areas in the towns of Kafr Zita and al-Lataminah and the village of M’aarkbeh in the northern sector of Hama which caused injuries in al-Lataminah town and M’aarkbeh village and material damage in the mentioned areas, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published this morning that the And these demands were coincided with the continued processes of the regime forces to distribute and deploy the military reinforcements which are arriving consecutively to the contact areas, as a part of the grand battle of Idlib which the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them are being prepared for, and the regime forces published hours ago, that as time passes and the regime forces’ military operation and the grand battle of Idlib approach, the unprecedented mobilization is continuing for a battle in which the majority of the military power operates on the Syrian land, is suggested to participate, after the control of the Syrian opposition decreased and after it was confined within large spaces of the northern countryside of Hama, Sahl Al-Ghab, areas in the north-west of Hama, parts of the northern mountains of Lattakia, the western countryside of Aleppo, and spaces of the southern countryside of Idlib, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored in the recent weeks, that the regime forces brought massive military reinforcements, represented by bringing tens of thousands of members of the forces of their army and gunmen loyal to them, and the SOHR learned from a number of intersected sources that the regime forces have deployed more than 2000 armored vehicles on the contact lines extended from the northern mountains of Lattakia to the eastern countryside of Idlib passing through Sahl Al-Ghab, the northern countryside of Hama and the south-eastern countryside of Idlib, amid intensifying the positions and guard posts, and preparing their members for a grand battle through which they aim to advance at the expense of the factions and take the control of the largest possible area, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also monitored the arrival of hundreds of fighters, as well, of the opposition factions which joined in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, the capital Damascus, and the provinces of Daraa and Al-Quneitra to the “reconciliation and settlements”, after the regime forces imposed their control over the factions’ areas, thus, the fighters of the opposition who fight previously against the regime forces, fight today in the side of the regime forces within the battle of Idlib, while the SOHR monitored that the regime forces are transferring more of their forces to the contact lines and fronts of clashes against the rebel and Islamic factions, Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham, and the Turkestani Islamic Party starting from the northern mountains of Latakia to southern countryside of Aleppo, and the dispatch of members is mainly focused to the fronts of the southeastern countryside of Idlib with Sahl al-Ghab, while the regime forces are transferring members of the newly recruited members to calm fronts, in conjunction with transferring their members to the contact lines in preparation for the grand battle of Idlib.

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