Attack by cells of the Kurdish Forces in Afrin kills and injures 5 soldiers of the Turkish Forces controlling the area

Aleppo Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored shelling by factions loyal to the Turkish Forces in the northern sector of Aleppo countryside, targeted places in Tal Rifaat area in which Kurdish Forces and gunmen loyal to the regime are spread, and the Syrian Observatory learned that the bombing came after a military operation carried out by cells belong to YPG in the area between Afrin and the northern countryside of Aleppo, reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the operation targeted the Turkish Forces; killed and injured 5 f them, and the Observatory learned that one of them was killed and two were  seriously injured and information about their death, this comes in the series of targeting and raises to about 85, the number of casualties of the Turkish Forces who were killed since the start of their process of controlling Afrin area on the 20th of January 2018.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored more than 140 operations targeted “Olive Branch” in Afrin area, since the Kurdish forces lost Afrin area at the end of the second third of March 2018, where it rose to 677, the number of members of the Turkish forces and the rebel and Islamic factions including 83 Turkish soldiers, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of at least 1582 fighters of YPG and Self-Defense Forces, who have been killed since the start of Operation “Olive Branch”, also at least 91 of the popular members of the regime forces have been killed in the Turkish bombardment since they entered on the 20th of February 2018, while the Turkish forces have carried out about 140 assassinations and targeting against the forces controlling Afrin, while leading sources of the YPG denied that their forces or cells had relation or responsibility for many of the assassinations and acts of torture; some of which appeared on videos and attributed to the Kurdish Forces, and the sources accused other cells belong to other parties of carrying out these assassinations and attributing them to the Kurdish Forces for their own agenda, the main aim of which is to escalating their violations against the civilians, where the resentment has been increasing among the civilians day after day, with the unfair and unjust procedures, and the silence of the Turkish Forces -who are leading the “Olive Branch” operation- and not responding to their complaints.

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