The SDF command discusses a serious decision about the release of about 3200 detainees in their possession of non-Syrian ISIS fighters and their families of tens of different nationalities

The SDF brandish the stop of the operation against ISIS and the withdrawal of their forces to the border strip in the case that the Turkish military operation is launched

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from a number of reliable sources, which confirmed that the political and military command in the area of the east of the Euphrates, conducted a lengthy meeting in which they seriously discussed the release of thousands of members of the “Islamic State” organization and their families of children and women, who used to be detained in prisons and camps of the Syria Democratic Forces under their tight guarding, and the reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the number of children and women reached about 2080 children and women, of 44 non-Syrian different nationalities, while the number of the fighters is about 1100 fighters of 31 non-Syrian different nationalities, and the reliable sources confirmed to the SOHR that the meeting discussed for long hours, the seriousness of releasing such number of all of those persons mentioned above.

The reasons for releasing about 3200 persons of the members of the organization and of children and women of Arab, Asian, western, American and Latin nationalities, came as a result that their countries refused to receive them, where only one country expressed its readiness for bringing their citizens back to their Motherland, while all of the other countries which the members of the organization and the children and women belong to, abstained from bringing them back despite the continuous communications by the self-management and the leading parties in the east of the Euphrates, to accomplish the process of the return of those who are detained in their prisons and camps, of the non-Syrian nationalities, to their countries, the discussions also confirmed that the release will be carried out on the Syrian territory, and that all of them will be released at a perspective time.

In the same context, this serious study is coincided with discussions between the members of the SDF command, where reliable sources confirmed them to the SOHR and that these forces and in the case that the Turkish military operation -that is being hinted to be carried out in the border strip between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River and in Manbij area- is launched, will withdraw all their fighters from the fronts with the organization and the fighters will be transferred to the front lines with the Turkish forces and the factions that operate under their command, after aborting the military operation against the “Islamic State” organization, on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River, where ISIS still is in control of an enclave composed of the towns of Al-Susah, Al-Sha’afah and Al-Baghuz as well as the villages of Marashdah, al-Shajla, Al-Bobadran, Al-Bokhater, Abu Hassan and Al-Safafiyah.

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