Syria: NGO, 21 dead in Israeli raid, 12 pasdaran

Targeted military positions in Damascus area damaged

A reported 21 people including Syrian soldiers, Iranian Pasdaran officials and foreign Shiite militants were killed in Israeli missile raids carried out between Saturday and Sunday in the Damascus area, according to a new toll published Tuesday by the UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The NGO has been monitoring violence in the country for years thanks to a vast network of sources on the ground.

The organization said that the Israeli attack ”caused huge material damages to the military positions struck in Syria” and that the 21 victims included 12 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran), six military personnel of the Syrian government and another three unspecified members of Shiite militias allied to Iran.

Source: Syria: NGO, 21 dead in Israeli raid, 12 pasdaran – General news –

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