About 40 tons of gold collected from the “Caliphate State” and brought in from Turkey and tens of millions of dollars prevent the Coalition from bombing ISIS and end it directly

Deir Ezzor Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the eastern sector of Deir Ezzor countryside is witnessing the continuation of military operations near the east bank of Euphrates River, between the Syria Democratic Forces with the International Coalition who seek to advance, and between the “Islamic State” Organization which is still trying to obtain a way out of the last 3 square kilometers of area left for it east of Euphrates, and reliable sources confirmed that the clashes continue at a varying pace, accompanied by exchange of targeting between both parties of the fight, amid continuous flight of coalition warplanes over the area and targeting occasionally sites controlled by the Organization and what is left for it of area, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from several reliable sources that the International Coalition is not targeting the area where the remaining leaders of the Organization and members are fortified in, and it is trying to force the Organization to surrender and go out to the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas.

Reliable sources added to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that in the area where the Organization is holed up with its leaders and members, there are about 40 tons of gold in addition to tens of millions of dollars remain in the possession of the Organization, and the Syrian Observatory learned that gold in the area was collected from all the areas that used to be controlled by ISIS, also, a part of these huge amounts of gold were transported from Turkey to the “Islamic State” organization’s-controlled areas through Turkish mediators and leaders in the Organization, who have close ties with the Turkish authorities and their intelligence, where the Coalition forces are trying to force the Organization to surrender in order to get the gold and the huge amounts of money in its possession, and the Syrian Observatory published Tuesday morning, the 12th of February 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information from several reliable sources, that a new batch of the remaining civilians in the “Islamic State” Organization’s enclave along with numbers of ISIS members and their families, have gotten out in the last 24 hours and managed to reach the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas, where the credible sources confirmed that this batch includes at least 500 persons and the majority of whom were children and women of different nationalities like Russian, German, French, Turkish, and Chechen, including at least 28 members of non-Syrian nationalities and including 7 members of western nationalities, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday night that 600 persons have fled from what remained for the “Islamic State” Organization on the east bank of Euphrates River, towards areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces, including 6 members of Turkish nationality, 2 French women, and 3 Ukrainian women, raising to 38200, the number of persons whose exit has been documented by the Syrian Observatory since the 1st of December 2018 until today, the 10th of February 2019, of different nationalities of Syria, Iraq Russia, Somalia, Philippine and other Asian nationalities, and more than 36150 of them have gotten out after the decision of the American president Trump to withdraw from Syria on the 19th of December 2018, including about 3448 members of the organization of those who infiltrated within the displaced people, and they were arrested after the residents recognized them and reported the security services about their infiltration, and the other group surrendered themselves after they managed to get out of ISIS last enclave.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published at the beginning of January 2018 that a Bahraini Jihadi of the “Islamic State” Organization talked about the coin of the “Islamic State” Organization, the Bahraini commander talked about the organization’s minister of Information and about a senior Turkish leader, minting the organization’s currency, escaping from the last pocket of the organization on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River, and arresting them while they were escaping to the Syrian North, and the Bahraini commander who is arrested by the SDF, started his talk to the Syrian Observatory on the arrest of the Information Minister’s wife and how she was released saying that “in late 2015, we received news about arresting the wife of Abu Mohammad Furqan -a senior commander in ISIS and he is the organization’s Information Minister, where she was arrested in Istanbul city in Turkey, and she has the British citizenship, and the leader Abu Ubaidah Al-Turki was the first mediator between the organization and the Turkish authorities, where he negotiated with them and managed to release Abu Mohammad Furqan’s wife.

The Bahraini commander continued his talking about the escape attempt from the last pocket on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River, after the commanders fled, where he said “we were confined in very straitened and limited areas on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River such as the towns of Hajin, Gharanij and Al-Shafa in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, we always wondered about those who were commanders in ISIS and who were symbols of it, and if there is anyone who controls these areas after disorder and anarchy prevailed them, and whenever we ask about one of the leaders, they say he went to a security state, until we discovered that all leaders coordinated with Turkey and went to Turkey and Idlib”, and the Bahraini commander continued: “It is imperative that the Turkish intelligence helped the leaders and those who got out of Deir Ezzor, to pass these long distances from Deir Ezzor to Idlib and Turkey, as there were injuries, wounded and migrant women, while Abu Ubaidah Al-Turki coordinated with the Turkish state to take those injuries and migrant women, and they brought them out by a convoy through ISIS-held areas, towards Idlib but the SDF arrested the persons who was present in this convoy while trying to escape”

And regarding the mint of a currency by the “Islamic State” organization, the Bahraini commander of ISIS said that “after the declaration issued by the organization about a particular currency for the “Islamic State” organization, which is of gold, silver and copper, and after a year, this currency had not been minted, so Abu Ubaidah Al-Turki coordinated with Turkey and entered a large amount of gold, silver and copper, about six tons of gold and amounts of silver and copper to mint this currency, and then the currency was issued in the controlled areas of the organization, then our salaries are paid in this currency”

And the Bahraini commander talking in the presence of a camera of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, about the identity of Abu Ubaidah Al-Turki and his position saying that “we wondered what led Abu Ubaidah Al-Turki to be a commander in the “Islamic State” organization?!, he does not speak Arabic well, he also does not have a Jihadist history, and he is an ordinary person, and what we have known that he came through a pledge of the Turkish fighters to the “Islamic State” organization, thus, he became a symbol for the organization that he brought large numbers of the Turkish fighters who swore Allegiance to the “Islamic State” organization, after he gathered with Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani the former official spokesperson of ISIS, and Abu Ubaidah Al-Turki was the spoiled boy of Abu Mohammad Furqan and especially of Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani, and the former is the one who led Al-Turki to be in his current position”

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