About 13250 civilians were killed in 55 months of airstrikes escalation by warplanes of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the Syrian territory

Regime’s warplanes and Helicopters have finished their 7th months of the 5th consecutive year of escalating their shelling on the Syrian territory from east to west and from north to south, targeting the Syrian cities, towns, villages and farms, by tens of thousands of explosive barrels and raids, which cause great destruction in the infrastructure and the public facilities and material damage to the property of the citizens, leaving human losses in every time, in which the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented since the 20th October 2014 until the 30th of May 2019, more than 144347 raids at least, carried out by the warplanes and helicopter of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, where the helicopters bombed the Syrian Territory by more than 71809 barrel bombs, while the warplanes carried out 72538 raids at least.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 191 citizens including 43 children and 38 woman, they were killed in the 55th month since the 30th of April 2019 until the 30th of May 2019.

This violent bombardment in 55 months has killed thousands and injured tens of thousands, in tens of massacres witnessed in the Syrian cities and areas, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented since the 20th of October 2014 until the 30th of May 2019, the death of 13217 civilian citizens, they are 3030 children under the age of eighteen, 2016 citizen women over the age of eighteen and 8171 men, all were killed the bombardment by warplanes and helicopters, in addition to the killing, they have also injured more than 81 thousands other civilians during 55 months, where thousands of them have amputated limbs and permanent disabilities.

The raids, airstrikes and bombing also resulted in to the death of at least 7601 fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions, Fath al-Sham Front, the “Islamic state”, the Islamic Turkestan Party and several other factions. The raids, airstrikes and bombing also injured thousands of others.

While the death toll of civilians who were killed in airstrikes by warplanes and helicopters of the regime of Bashar al-Assad since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011 until the 30th of May 2019; have reached 25779 civilian casualties, they were: 16303 men, 5791 children under the age of eighteen and 3685 citizen women over the age of eighteen.

We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, although the Russian side is continuing to declare allegations and lies which assert that its warplanes and rocket strikes did never kill citizens, still see that the Russian Federation – the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), is still continuing to kill Syrian citizens, amid the continuation of the International Community’s silence and ignorance about these massacres and crimes committed against the Syrian people, by Russia, which it carries out under the pretext of fighting “terrorism”, while the International Community did nothing except media condemnations through it and through its United Nations special envoy to Syria about the ongoing crimes committed against the Syrian people, and we, through publishing the documented statistics of human losses, which the civilian Syrians are their main victims due to the military operations in Syria, seeking to send a message to the international community, carried through the cries and pain of the Syrian people, perhaps these shocking statistics, cries and pain may move the conscience of this community to act for the immediate sopping of the ongoing murders against the Syrian citizens, and we renew our strong condemnation against killing citizens in Syrian, and call on the UNSC and the UN to work harder to stop the daily killing against the Syrian citizens who seek to reach a state of liberty, democracy, justice and equality, and to bring the criminals to the specialized international courts, so they get their punishment.

High-resolution link of the death toll caused by aerial bombardment by regime’s planes in Syrian territory since the start of its direct military operations at the end of October 2014


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