As it withdraws from the military operations in the Syrian north, the Lebanese Hezbollah pulls its forces out of the Syrian territory secretly away from the media

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from several reliable sources that militias of the Lebanese Hezbollah are withdrawing their forces of the Syrian territory away from the media, where large groups of Hezbollah Forces have been secretly withdrawn from several areas in the capital Damascus and the Syrian south, which explains why the Iranian militias and these militias are getting out of the fighting and military operations in “Putin – Erdogan” area, unlike the previous clashes in which the Hezbollah and Iranian militias played a key role.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 19th of April 2019 that the Syrian Observatory learned from several reliable sources that militias of the Lebanese Hezbollah abruptly over the past week withdrew from some of their positions in Qara town of the Western Qalamoun north of the capital Damascus, where groups of Hezbollah withdrew from al-Karab neighborhood which has been controlled by Hezbollah since late November 2013, after violent clashes back then ended with the regime forces supported by Hezbollah controlling Qara town; after the factions withdrew to the outskirts of the barren mountains of Qara, also other groups of Hezbollah withdrew from neighborhoods of the Municipal stadium, al-Baydar, and the western neighborhood of the town, the sources added to the Syrian Observatory that the withdrawals included the withdraw of all military checkpoints of Hezbollah on the road between Qara and its barren mountains, in addition to withdrawing from the hospital area and evacuating all its military headquarters and depots of weapons and ammunition, also groups of Syrian nationality of the Lebanese Hezbollah have withdrawn directly, after which regime’s national Defense forces deployed to all sites from which Hezbollah has withdrawn.

Local sources reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the withdrawal process some of which took place toward Zabadani area west of Rif Dimashq, which has several military headquarters of Hezbollah, where the regime forces with the support of the Lebanese Hezbollah entered the city in April 2017, following an agreement between the military factions and the regime forces end with displacing the factions and their families to the Syrian north, and the sources added that the Lebanese Hezbollah is still positioned in a military barracks it established years ago after entering the area and it is located west of Qara.

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