A pro-Turkey Islamic corps carries out a campaign of raids and arrests in Maabatli Township in the countryside of Afrin city

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that “Al-Sham Corps” which is loyal to Turkey has carried out a campaign of raids and arrests that targeted several persons of those who had been operating within the ranks of the Kurdish forces during their control over Afrin north-west of Aleppo, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; a military force of “Al-Sham Corps” has carried out a campaign of raids and arrests in Sheteka village of Maabatli Township in Afrin countryside, targeting persons of those who had been operating within the ranks of the Civil Police of the Kurdish forces.

And the SOHR published today the 8th of July 2019, that the Turkey-backed factions of “Olive Branch” operation room in continue to rob the Kurdish citizens in the Afrin area in the northwest Aleppo countryside, as part of the continuous abuses by these factions in an effort to force the locals who remained there to leave their area, as happened to those who were displaced, and the Syrian Observatory continues to shed light on all violations against people of Afrin that it could document, where reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that in the coming days the Turkey-loyal factions will count the property of the Kurds in Afrin, to impose taxes on their property according to this statistic, where the received information reported that the factions intent to impose 50 Turkish lira on every dunum of agricultural land of citizens, in practices that are not new to these factions, which impose and steal money of civilians with multiple pretexts and arguments.

In Khalil Oshagh village at Sheikh al-Hadid township, fighters from the “Sultan Suleiman Shah” faction gathered the citizens in front of a headquarters of the faction in the village which is a house of a displaced Kurdish, and the faction had seized it and transformed it into a military headquarters, demanding that civilians must pay varying sums of money on the pretext that they have relatives who belong to the Kurdish Units, citizens who witnessed the incident told the Syrian Observatory that a leader of the faction raised his weapon in the face of citizens, threatening them with death if they contact with their relatives outside of the area through social media, then an old man interrupted the leader and accused the faction of burning lands and cypress and olive trees and stealing them , so the faction imposed 50000 Syrian pounds because of his talk, while they imposed on another person a tax of $700 US dollars after accusing him that money was transferred to him from Qamishli city and that he distributes it to the Kurds of the area.

In the same context, the faction leader of “al-Amshat” aka Abu Amsha, issued a circular forbidding citizens from visiting their neighbors and relatives within areas of control of the faction in Afrin and its countryside, as part of the systematic policy of pushing the remaining citizens to get out of Afrin, also the same leader issued a decision that leads to taxes on the owners of tractors and agricultural machinery between 50 to 150 thousand Syrian pounds in the villages and towns in Sheikh Hadid township, but the huge royalties are the share of the kidnappers of “Olive Branch” factions, where the factions are demanding the families of the people they kidnapped and detainees to pay huge sums of money in US dollars through false excuses, sometimes it reaches 200000$ US dollars, reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Kurdish people deal with the Turkey-loyal factions and give reports to these factions periodically to kidnap and detain civilians for money.

These factions have not even spared the service side in narrowing down on the Kurds of the area, where al-Amshat faction has cut off electricity from houses of the Kurdish civilians in the villages of Khalil, al-Kana,  Haj Bilal, Jabu and other villages of Sheikh Hadid without any reason, while the houses of the settled people have electricity, where the citizens pay periodically in exchange for the amperes, and now citizens of Afrin despite staying in their villages and homes they are at a continuous risk of the wolves of the factions, where they are constantly exposed to either killing, kidnaping, and stealing their property and home.

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