More casualties raise to at least 51, the death toll of Jihadis commanders and fighters killed in strikes of the International Coalition on their camp in Idlib countryside

The number of casualties continues to rise as a result of targeting positions and camp of the jihadi “Wa Harred al-Mu’minin” operations room on Saturday, where it rose to 51, the number of Jihadis who were killed in bombing by the International Coalition targeted their headquarters and camp in the area between Kafriya and Idlib city, where 24 of the casualties are leaders the vast majority of them of non-Syrian nationalities, and many of the were turned into pieces and some of them were burnt, and this bombing by the Coalition left huge destruction in the camp and the area, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the killing of more than 40 people of the jihadi groups including leaders, after targeting the headquarters and a meeting of “Wa Harred al-Mu’min” operating room, of which Hurras al-Dien is its mainstay in addition to other jihadi groups, in the area between Kfarya and Ma’arrat Mesrin east of Idlib, where the strikes are believed to be caused by airstrikes by the International Coalition warplanes, and the Syrian Observatory has just published that more than 7 violent explosions shook the area between Idlib city and Kfarya town east of it on the afternoon of Saturday, the 31st of August 2019, they were caused by missile strikes targeted the headquarters of the Jihadi faction of Hurras al-Dien in the area between Kfarya and Ma’arrat Mesrin, and it is not known yet whether the strikes were carried out by warplanes of the International Coalition from over the Turkish territory or by long-range missiles.

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