Syrian regime’s embassy in Muscat requires Syrians to sign “reconciliation” papers and holds “terrorists” the responsibility for Syria’s destruction in exchange for issuing passports for them

Intersected sources told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that several Syrian people including women, came to the Syrian regime’s embassy in the capital Muscat, Oman, in order to renew their passports or issue a new passports from the embassy there, but staff of the embassy stipulated several conditions in return, most notably is that they sign “reconciliation and settlement” papers with the Syrian regime, and that they are against the “terrorists” and have no connection to them in any way, they also demanded those who have relatives of the opposition factions or people who died as a result of the military operations against the regime; to confess that the terrorists are the ones behind the killing of their relatives, and if they fail to comply with these conditions; a renewal of their passport will not be granted or a new passport will not be issued to them.

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