As party of obliterating features of Syria’s Afrin, the “Turkish Wali” bans issuance of IDs for displaced people of Idlib and Hama in Afrin

The “local council” of Sharan area in Afrin countryside, which is controlled by the Turkish Forces and the Syrian factions loyal to them northwest of Aleppo, issued a circular stating: “it is strictly prohibited the issuance of any identification card for our brothers coming from Idlib and Hama provinces until further notice based on the instructions from his highness, al-Wali,” this comes as a new proof that Afrin’s completely follows the Turkish decision, and in the same context, Afrin city witnessed the visit of the president of the Turkish University of Gaziantep with a delegation from the university, and they met with the “Afrin Local Council,” to see the preparations for opening of a branch of Gaziantep University in Afrin city, as if the Syrian Afrin has become administratively following the Turkish city of Gaziantep, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 5th of September 2019 that the Turkish-backed faction of Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah carried out raids and arrests in Jandairis township in Afrin countryside northwest of Aleppo, where 6 people were arrested on charges of “dealing with former Autonomous Administration and conscription”, and they were taken to an unknown destination until now, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday that in the shadow of ongoing violations by the Turkish-backed factions operating within the operation “Olive Branch” against the Kurdish citizens in Afrin city and its countryside, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that Turkish-backed factions carried out a raid in Deir Sawwan village of Sharran Township in the countryside of Afrin city, during which 5 citizen women from the town were arrested and taken to unknown destination without clarifying the reasons for arresting them, and in connection to this, the SOHR learned from reliable sources that “Al-Amshat” faction which operates under the banner of the operation “Olive Branch”, has kidnapped a citizen from Jaqla Wastani village of Shiah Township in Afrin countryside, local sources told the SOHR that “Al-Amshat” asked the family of the kidnapped person to pay 10000 USD in return for releasing him.

And the SOHR published on the 2nd of September 2019, that the Turkish-backed “military police” arrested today, Monday, more than 22 people in Marata village in Afrin countryside northwest of Aleppo, on charges of “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”, also another civilian was arrested in Kafrshil  village in Afrin countryside, while unknown people burned the picture of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and took down the Turkish flag from a headquarters belongs to a Turkey-loyal faction in Afrin city, which led to a major security alert in the city and large-scale search and raid operations.

The Syrian Observatory published yesterday that Mohammad al-Jassim, aka “Abu Amsha”, who is the leader of the Turkish-backed Suleiman Shah Brigade faction, which is known among the people as “al-Amshat” faction; appeared in a video about the demonstration against the Turkish policy at the border with Iskenderun and burning of picture of the Turkish president, he appeared with his supporters Jandairis area in Afrin countryside, and the Syrian Observatory obtained a copy of the video in which he says: “who does not thank the people does not thank Allah, no one is left with us except Turkey,” to support his position he mentioned the number of people living in Turkey saying that it is greater than the number of people in the liberated area, and that most of those living in the liberated area have children working in Turkey and support their families in Syria, then he chanted: “Thank you Turkey, Thank you Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we the Syrian people do not deny the favor,” then he said describing those who burned the picture of the “Muslim President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” that they do not represent the Syrian people and they are agents and tails of the regime, Abu Amsha added: “the Turkish flag -O brothers- is our history, and the history of our ancestors who fought, and the names of our martyrs are there in Turkey when we fought colonialism together, the Turkish flag represents the blood of Arab and Turkish martyrs, especially the Syrians” then he chanted along with those around him: “This flag is not to be stepped over, it is to be put over the head.” (which is a gesture of high respect)

And in conjunction with speeches of Abu Amsha who is considered as notorious person among the people, he and his faction members continue to practice violations and steal the citizens in Afrin, where the Syrian Observatory learned that members of al-Amshat faction in Sheikh Hadid area kidnapped a citizen in Alkana village, and demanded his relatives to pay $20,000 USD in order to be released, also 5 other citizens were kidnapped by al-Hamzat faction and the military police in Jandairis Township on charges of “dealing with former self-administration,” while the process of imposing royalties against the citizens continues under ridiculous pretexts by the pro-Turkish factions, the most recent of which was al-Hamzat faction imposing varying amounts of money on citizens under the pretext of “protecting them from theft”.

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