Al-Jarba discusses with Bogdanov the humanitarian situation in Idlib and status of the safe area on the Syrian-Turkish border

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov met in Moscow on Thursday, the 5th of September 2019, the head of the Syrian al-Ghad Movement, Ahmad al-Jarba, and they discussed during the meeting that took place in Bogdanov’s office and lasted about two hours; the developments of the area and ways to move the political process in accordance with resolution “2254”, and the obstacles that stand in the way of forming a constitutional committee, in addition to establishing a safe area on the Syrian – Turkish border and the case of east Euphrates, Bogdanov pointed out during his meeting with al-Jarba on the need to continue the political process, to reach a radical and final solution in Syria based on the preservation of the unity of all the Syrian territory, and in turn, al-Jarba referred to the current situation in Idlib and the difficult humanitarian situation of civilians in Idlib.

The president of Syria’s Tomorrow Movement invited the Russian President special envoy, Bogdanov, to attend the Movement’s conference to be held in al-Qahira next month.

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