Few days after kidnapping a woman of the Alawite sect, a Turkey-loyal faction kidnaps a field activist who helps those flee of the regime, Jihadis, and factions, amid fears of executing him

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that one of the Turkey-supported factions who takes Hiwar Kelles village at the northern countryside of Aleppo as its headquarters; kidnapped Abdul Razzaq al-Hammoud, who is a civilian activist from Om Adseh village in al-Bab area northeast of Aleppo, and reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that al-Hammoud is known for helping women and men who flee from the “jihadi groups, the Syrian regime, and the Turkey-backed factions”, including citizens of the Alawite sect, and the activist has already helped at least 17 people of various ethnic and religious components of the Syrian people fleeing from the Syrian regime and the jihadi groups, the Syrian Observatory fears being executed by the faction that has previously executed 2 of its relatives, rejecting the practices of “Euphrates Shield” factions, where al-Hammoud was transferred to an unknown destination amid fears for his life, in addition to popular demands and appeal for the tribal elders in the area to release him; or refer him to a civil court if he was found guilty of crimes or similar offences, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 4th of September 2019 that the Turkey-loyal faction of Samarqand Brigade kidnapped a woman in the countryside of al-Bab town northeast of Aleppo, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: the woman is from Hama countryside and she was studying in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Damascus University, but she had to leave the university in 2014 and return to her village in Hama countryside, to be forced by the military operations there to displace towards Atma border area in Idlib countryside, before she went on Tuesday to one of the people in Kridiyyeh village in the countryside of al-Bab northeast of Aleppo, and in the late hours of the night, specifically at 2:30 am On Wednesday; 2 members of Samarqand Brigade raided the house and kidnapped the woman in addition to a machine gun and magazines, and she was taken to an unknown destination until the moment, but no information about the motives of the faction until the moment, and therefore, we at the Syrian Observatory demand the immediate release of the woman and if there is any conviction against her; they have to transfer her to a civil court.

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