Bab Al-Salama Camp north of Aleppo…the suffering of the displaced people falls between the hammer of Turkey’s neglect and the anvil of the humanitarian organizations

The situation in camps does not vary according to controlling party, all of the them suffer from similar conditions inside the Syrian territory where they are spread along the border with Turkey with their ramshackle tents that show the suffering of the displaced people in Syria, like in Bab Al-Salama Camp which is located in the northern countryside of Aleppo, north of Sejju town on the Syrian – Turkish border, within the controlled areas of the pro-Turkey factions aka the areas of “Olive Branch” and “Euphrates Shield”, and the situation and services in the camp are not different from those in the rest of camps that lack the most of basic necessities of life, and despite the support provided by the Turkish side and adopting the areas where this support is provided in along with the factions backed by Turkey which concentrated on protecting Turkey’s national security and forgot thousands of displaced people and the inhabitants of scattered tents, and the camp is considered one of the oldest camps to host displaced people, where it was established in 2012, and the camp is currently under the responsibility of Turkiya Diyanet Foundation, in addition to limited support provided by the Turkish organization IHH, thousands of displaced people and refugees from allover Syria live in this camp, and its inhabitants suffer from tough living conditions with the lack of food, medicine, water and most of necessities of life, most of the camp’s inhabitants are locals of the towns of Tel Rifaat, Menagh and Deir Jamal, in addition to the locals of Sfireh town and its surroundings, there are nearly 2500 families in the camp, all of them suffer from tragic situations in the shadow of the lack of food and medical stuffs and potable water, in addition to the substantial deterioration of the service situation, also most of the tents need to be replaced as soon as possible before the winter comes, as they became old, ramshackle and no longer habitable, also the inhabitants of Bab Al-Salama Camp especially in the new section of it that was established about 3 years ago, suffer from the fact that there are no enough tents to accommodate all the families there, in which many families are obliged to share a tent with another family, where a family hosts another family of their relatives in the same tent, which make it too difficult to achieve stability, and the camp of Bab Al-Salama is suffering from deteriorating service situation inside, in terms of the dirt ground of the camp that had not been prepared before establishing the camp where it turns into mud in the winter creating difficulties against the inhabitants to move among the tents, and those who want to come out of the camp to relieve nature in the winter, many winters have gone past this camp and every time the families living there suffered from heavy rains that overflowed their tents, the camp also lacks a good sanitation and the small number of toilets compared with the number of families, in which there is only one toilet for every 100 families, which causes the emission of stinky odors, in addition to overflowing of water out of the toilets in the winter, and causes many health problems among the displaced families, the displaced people also complaint about the deteriorating medical reality, where there are a large number of patients and those who suffer from permanent diseases and need continuous medical care, while the camp and the only dispensary in it are suffering from acute shortage of medical equipment, it is noteworthy that all the bodies adopting this camp receive support from Turkey such as Turkiya Diyanet Foundation and the IHH Turkish organization, as well as a number of other organization affiliated to Turkey. However, the living situation in the camp is so disgraceful, where the inhabitants of the camp suffer from the organizations’ neglect as they provide one basket of food for the families every 2 months or more, by the Turkish organization of the IHH, and the inhabitants of the camp are concerned about the services to be deteriorated even more as the winter approaches, they also afraid of repeated floods with the beginning of this year’s winter, where the inhabitants demand the necessity to intensify support provided for them and the replacement of tents as a quick measure before the winter comes, the locals also face difficulty in terms of the availability of foodstuffs and their high prices, in addition to the spread of diseases and epidemics, the deterioration in services, and the living situation that the displaced people face in the shadow of inaction of the international community and the bodies supporting them in about 8 years of displacement and desertion.

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