In 7 months since the dark meeting of “Putin – Erdogan – Rouhani”, more than 4665 people were killed in the “de-escalation” area, including about 1350 civilians including 600 children and women

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the calm still prevails the whole area of “Putin-Erdogan” even that the ground shelling has stopped, amid continued cessation of airstrikes since the evening of Friday, the 13th of September, and this calm comes in conjunction with the start of trilateral summit represented by the meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani; in the Turkish capital Ankara to discuss the developments of the Syrian issue, 7 months after the last trilateral summit of the three forces controlling the Syrian decision, as the Russians and the Iranians control the Syrian regime, Turkey controls the factions and Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib and the surrounding countryside in addition to areas of “Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch” in Aleppo countryside, and the period between the previous and present trilateral summit witnessed casualties within the so-called “Putin – Erdogan” area, which extends from the northeastern mountains of Latakia to the northwestern suburbs of Aleppo city and passes through the countryside of Hama and Idlib.

And during the period between the 15th of February 2019; the date of the meeting of “Rouhani – Erdogan – Putin” until the 15th of September 2019, and Syrian Observatory documented the death of 4667 people in the Russian – Turkish truce areas, they are 1347 civilians including 345 children under the age of eighteen and 253 women over the age of eighteen, they were killed in the Russian aerial bombardment and the rocket shelling by the regime forces and the factions, and among the death toll of civilians there are 107 people including 31 children under the age of eighteen and 19 citizen women over the age of eighteen, they were killed in the fall of shells launched by the factions, and 1758 fighters were killed in different conditions within the demilitarized area since Putin – Erdogan agreement, including 1123 fighters of the “Jihadis” and 1562 of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them.

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