8 days after targeting Iranian positions and centers that killed about 20 of them, unidentified warplanes target Iranian forces’-controlled areas in al-Heri area of al-Bokamal countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that unidentified warplanes until the moment carried out after midnight of yesterday airstrikes, targeting positions and centers of the Iranian Forces and militias loyal to them in Free Market area in al-Heri village in the countryside of al-Bokamal city on the Syrian – Iraqi border, but no information so far about the casualties and the extent of the material losses caused by the airstrikes, which targeted the Iranians for the second time in September, where the Syrian Observatory published on the 9th of September 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented heavy casualties as a result of airstrikes targeted positions, vehicles, ammunition and weapon depots for the Iranian Forces and their loyal militias in and around al-Bokamal city, where at least 18 of the Iranians and their loyal militias were killed, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation in addition to information about other casualties, where warplanes unidentified until the moment targeted Iranian positions in al-Imam Ali Center, the Green Belt area, the Industrial Area and al-Abbas village near al-Bokamal city, and the border crossing with Iraq and other locations in al-Bokamal area in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

While the Syrian Observatory published in the past few hours that several explosion were heard in Al-Bokamal area in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and in the details obtained by the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; warplanes whose identity is not known so far, targeted vehicles and positions of the Iranian forces and militias loyal to them in the area of Al-Hezam Al-Akhdar (the Green Belt) in Al-Bokamal area, and other areas near the border strip between Syria and Iraq, without information about the amount of human and material losses until now.

And the Syrian Observatory has documented the death of 55 members of the Iranian forces and militias loyal to them of non-Syrian nationalities and members of the regime forces in the Israeli airstrikes that targeted joint sites of the Iranians, the regime, and their loyal militia in the al-Heri area near al-Bokamal area in the far east of Deir Ezzor at the Syrian-Iraqi border shortly before midnight on Sunday, the 17th of June  2018.

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