After months of arrest, the “Syrian regime’s intelligence” releases civil activist opposed to it in al-Suwaidaa city

The “Syrian regime’s intelligence” released the civil activist oppositionist to the regime forces (Muhannad Shihab al-Din) after he was arrested from his place of work in mid-June 2019, and the release came after the intervention of elders and sheikhs of Aql and civil figures, where the Syrian Observatory published on the 18th of June 2019 that al-Suwaidaa city is witnessing constant tension over the kidnapping of a civil activist who opposes the Syrian regime, where regime’s intelligence was accused of by civil and military parties in the city of arresting him, after which the Syrian Observatory monitored a protest carried out by tens on Tuesday in front of the provincial building in al-Suwaidaa city, and the protesters raised banners some of which say: “freedom for the forcibly detained people” and “freedom for the prisoners of conscience” and “freedom for the peaceful activist Muhannad Shab al-Din” and “Muhannad is not a criminal, a terrorist, or a drug dealer to end up in jail,” while the kidnapped activist posted on his personal account at social media sites a pathos post about the guard of the Syrian Revolutionary, Abdelbaset al-Sarout, who was killed in clashes at the northwest of Hama, in addition to accusing regime’s intelligence of fabricating attacks on the security detachments in al-Suwaidaa; in order to create a strife between the local factions in the city, and in the same context, local gunmen kidnapped a colonel and a Major at the regime forces on the highway of Damascus – Al-Suwaidaa near Salkhad Junction on Monday evening, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday that against the backdrop of the abduction of an opposition activist from al-Suwaidaa city, the Syrian Observatory monitored a new tension in al-Suwaidaa city after midnight, where local armed pro-regime gunmen targeted the military intelligence building in the middle of the city with machine guns, which injured at least 5 of the local members and the regime forces, and this comes against the backdrop of accusations against the regime forces of kidnapping a civil activist, also the local factions have detained at least 10 members of the regime forces in the city, in an attempt to press the regime forces to release the activist, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that unidentified gunmen have kidnapped anti-Syrian-regime activist in Al-Suwaidaa city south of Syria, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; unidentified gunmen kidnapped an opposition activist from the place where he works in Al-Suwaidaa city and took him to unknown destination, it is noteworthy that the kidnapped activist had participated in most of the anti-regime peaceful activities in Al-Suwaidaa province.

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