More than 60,000 civilians have been displaced from their areas east of the Euphrates in less than 36 hours

Displacement continues from different parts of the eastern Euphrates region due to the Turkish military operation in the area, where the Syrian Observatory monitored the rise of the number of displaced to more than 60 thousand civilians within less than 36 hours, for fear of the Turkish military operation, as Al-Darbasiyah city and Ras Al-Ain city are almost empty of its inhabitants.
Meanwhile, the SOHR monitored fierce clashes between the SDF and Turkish forces within the fierce attack of Turkey on the area. It is noteworthy that the city of Al-Darbasiyah has become almost empty of its inhabitants after their displacement during the last 24 hours to become the same as Ras Al-Ain, which in turn has become almost free of inhabitants. Meanwhile, Turkish forces bombed areas around the villages of Zuhairiyah and Jam Sharaf in the countryside of al-Malikiyah. Also, the SDF shot down a reconnaissance aircraft in the skies of “Qasr Deep” in Malikiyah countryside.

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