Ras Al-Ayn city and the outskirts of Tal Abyad city witness ongoing violent battles between the Turkish forces and the factions against the SDF amid continuous violent shelling

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored ongoing clashes at violent pace today evening, Saturday inside Ras Al-Ayn city in Al-Hasakah countryside, between the Syria Democratic Forces on one hand, against the Turkish forces and factions loyal to them, amid continuing violent shelling on the clash areas, also the clashes between the both parties are continuing in the vicinity of Tal Abyad city in Al-Raqqah countryside, accompanied by violent shelling by the Turkish forces amid information about casualties in the ranks of the both parties, and the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that it the Turkish forces with the Syrian factions loyal to them were able to expand their control in Tal Abyad area since the start of “Peace Spring” Operation on the 9th of October 2019, where they controlled 31 areas at least in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn, they are Mazra’aat al-Hammadi, Abu Qabr, Mazra’aat al-Masihi, Hamida, al-Mahida, al-Dadat, al-Yabseh, al-Meshrfeh, Tal Fender, Bir Ashiq, al-Terwaziyyeh, Lazkeh, Hwyran, al-Wastah, al-Ghajir, Shokan, al-Khalidiyah, al-Aridah, al-Nabhan, Om al-Jern, Ghzil, al-Hawi, Tababin, Jamous, Felyou, al-Zaydi in Tal Abyad area, and Tal Halaf town and the villages of Alok, Kashto, and Aksas in the Ras al-Ayn area, in addition to their control of the Industrial area and Ras al-Ayn Crossing area inside Ras al-Ayn city.

While the SOHR documented the increase in number of casualties in the ranks of the warring parties in the east Euphrates, where it rose to 81 at least, the number of members of the Syria Democratic Forces who were killed by Turkish air and land strikes and clashes against Turkish Forces and the factions loyal to, also it rose to 59, the number of the Syrian factions loyal to Ankara including 13 of the pro-Turkish cells who were killed in targeting and clashes against SDF, while 8 Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes and targeting, Turkey acknowledged the death of only 5 of them, amid information about other Turkish casualties at the Syrian – Turkish border, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, in addition to information about other casualties.

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