Turkey-loyal factions target a village north of Manbij kill 2 and injure others, and the U.S. Forces continue to prevent a column of the regime forces from passing towards Ayn al-Arab (Kobani)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored cautious calm in Manbij city and its countryside, and Ayn al-Arab (Kobani)  city and its countryside on Tuesday morning, while 2 persons were killed and others were injured, due to the fall of shells launched by the Turkey-loyal factions dawn of this morning on al-Farat village north of Manbij city, where the U.S. Forces who are positioned over Qara Qoqaz are still preventing column of the regime forces from passing towards Kobani city, and the sources of the “Syrian Observatory” reported that men and young men from Ayn al-Arab city took up arms in order to defend the city in the event of any attack, also the Syrian Observatory monitored clashes using heavy and medium weapons between the Syria Democratic Forces and the Turkish Forces on one of the western areas of Ayn al-Arab countryside (Kobani) after midnight of yesterday, in an attack by the Syria Democratic Forces on a Turkish point, but no information about casualties.

The Syrian Observatory published yesterday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored clashes in the countryside of Manbij city in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo today evening, Monday, between “Manbij Military Council” against the pro-Turkey factions, and the clashes between the both parties were concentrated in Al-Yashili area north-west of Manbij, accompanied by exchange of shelling, amid overflight of helicopters affiliated to the regime forces in the skies of Manbij city, and the SOHR documented the killing of a member of the regime forces and the injury of another one due to the fall of a shell launched by the factions on areas north-west of Manbij, also 4 members of the factions were killed after being targeted by Manbij Military Council in Manbij countryside, in connection to this, the SOHR learned that the International Coalition forces will complete their pullout from Manbij city tomorrow, Tuesday, thus, Manbij will be empty of any presence of the International Coalition, at the time when the U.S. forces stopped at the bridge of Qarrat Quzaq, are still continuing to hinder a column of the regime forces from passing and entering Ayn Al-Arab city (Kobani).

And in the same context, Turkish warplanes bombarded the villages of Laylan and Manajir in the countryside of Tal Tamr, at a distance of about 7 km from Ghabish village in which regime forces are stationed north of Tal Tamr, and the aerial bombardment was accompanied by ground shelling, which pushed the citizens to displace from the two villages, and the SOHR published hours ago, that it monitored relative calm in Manbij city and its countryside in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo, and sources confirmed to the SOHR that the news about bombardment by the Turkish warplanes on the area and the presence of violent clashes there, is completely false, and what it happening there is targeting by machineguns between the pro-Turkey factions against the forces of Manbij Military Council and the regime forces, accompanied by exchange of shelling for short time, without information about casualties so far, while sources informed the Syrian Observatory that the U.S. forces are still hindering the passing of a column of the regime forces to reach Ayn Al-Arab city (Kobani), while clashes are still continuing in areas in Ras Al-Ayn city and its vicinity, between the SDF against the Turkish forces and the factions, accompanied by shelling and ongoing targeting.

The SOHR also published before sunset, that it monitored a column of the regime forces passing through Ayn Issa town north of Al-Raqqah, and it published hours ago, that that the International Coalition Forces; began to withdraw from their military base in Khrab Eshek area in the countryside of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) city towards Sarin Airport, in conjunction with the passage of a large column of the regime of the regime from Manbij area on its way to Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) city, and the Syrian Observatory published hours ago that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored massive military mobilization by the Turkish Forces and their loyal factions in the countryside of Jarabulus city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, where information circulated about the intention of the factions and Turkey to launch a massive military operation against Manbij along with the arrival of the regime forces according to a Russian agreement with SDF, but calm is still the master of the situation there, also Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) city witnessed cautious calm amid the flight of warplanes in skies of the area, while the regime forces deployed in Tal Tamr area, also vehicles of the regime were seen heading to villages surrounding al-Jerniyyeh town in the western countryside of al-Raqqah.

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