Tens of fires in Latakia mountains within regime forces’-controlled areas created by greed people in order to get wood and coal

Tens of fires broke out in the past 24 hours in regime forces’-controlled areas, in Tartus, Jableh, al-Qardaha, Latakia, and west of Homs, which caused significant damage to the property of the citizens and the fruitful trees, and displaced tens of families after the fire expanded to reach the homes, also electricity was cut off from vast areas in the Syrian coast, where the fire broke out in Jableh city in al-Wadi al-Akhdar area which caused power outages and the fire devoured large areas, and the situation is the same in Beshraghi village in the road Sheikh Nasser; in which the fire expanded rapidly as the wind speed increased in the area,.

Another fire broke out in Syano village but it was controlled by the locals, and in Kilmakho area (Rwayset Abboud) in Qardaha countryside; a fire broke out that quickly spread to surrounding areas, and a large fire broke out in Ayn Shqaq (al-Barzin) which caused significant damage to the electricity towers.

In al-Shuweikhiyya, the area witnessed the displacement of people as fire was approaching to the residential areas, and in Rwayset Badriyyah; the families were forced to leave the area because the fire reached the houses, while a large fire broke out in Marmarita – Kafra – and spread to other villages, also the fire reached the houses.

These fires are repeated every year because of the need of the people for firewood and expanding the land at the expense of forestlands and planting them with fruitful trees, also inhabitants of these areas are considered to be influential and the human reservoir people of the Syrian regime, and they form the pillars of the army and militias loyal to it.

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