Regime’s intelligence raids two towns in the Eastern Ghouta and arrests about 15 people on various charges including killing members of the “regime forces” when the opposition factions took control of the area

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that regime’s intelligence carried out raids in the past week, during which more than 15 young people from the towns of Saqba Kafr and Kafr Batna in the Eastern Ghouta were arrested, and according to the Syrian Observatory, raids carried out by military security patrols targeted several houses and shops in both towns, targeted several wanted people charged with criminal cases brought against them by families of regime’s casualties in the area, and others who failed to join regime’s army for military service, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 18th of October 2019 that reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the Syrian regime’s Air Force Intelligence in prison of al-Mazzeh Airbase released about 18 women with their children; after more than one month of arresting them at Qamishli airport northeast of Syria, where they were arrested after they arrived at Qamishli airport coming from Damascus International Airport in order to go to Idlib via smuggling routes. And the regime’s Air Force Intelligence -who controls Qamishli airport- transferred the detainees and their children to al-Mazzeh military prison for interrogation due to their attempt to leave towards Idlib, and according to sources of the Syrian Observatory, their release came after their relatives payed money to officers in regime’s army.

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