The SOHR obtains a leaked voice recording of the commander of “Maghawir Al-Thawra”: we have indirect task and I can not disclose it .. the Coalition says “we are against the “Islamic State”, but we understand what this means

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained a voice recording of the commander of Maghawir Al-Thawra, Colonel Muhannad Al-Talla’, in which he talked about the attitude of his armed group in the north-east of Syria and the Turkish military operation “Peace Spring”, Al-Talla’ said in the voice recording, that the goal of the statement issued by Jaysh Maghawir Al-Thawra before 2 weeks regarding the prisons which members of the “Islamic State” organization are detained in, and which the is under the control of the Syria Democratic Forces, was an absolute political one, emphasizing that his forces’ task is not to protect the prisons, rather, it is a “revolutionary combat mission” against the organization and the Syrian regime, he added “it was important for us in Jaysh Maghawir Al-Thawra to profit militarily and politically from what happened.”

Al-Talla’ confirmed that the aim of the statement issued by Jaysh Maghawir Al-Thawra was to draw the card that the SDF waving with in the face of the U.S., Europe and the surrounding regional countries, he added “we are not far from events but the current conditions are substantially bad, we have objects to achieve not only inside the area we control, but also outside it, we are achieving distinguished results outside the area”, “there is news circulated by media men and activists and they do not know who stands behind these operations, we are doing great against our major enemy, which is the Syrian regime, the Iranian militias and the Shiite militias backed by Iran, we are operating against them but there is no direct confrontation so far, ” Al-Talla’ added, I hope that what I am saying between the lines to be understandable, everything is currently going under the table.”

Al-Talla’ also said in the voice recording of which the Syrian Observatory received a copy “the military commanders of the International Coalition expressed their disturbance of the pullout decision, but the political commanders are the ones who make decisions, the goal of the coalition’s commanders is to prevent the regime, the Iranian and ISIS from impose control over this area, they say ISIS, but we understand now and realize what they mean, they say “we are against ISIS”, well, we are against ISIS, too, but we concentrate our efforts in the direction of what we are working on and say (ISIS), the game has not been direct any more, our goals are the same but the game became different, I meet with the officials of the International Coalition once or twice every day, the military ones fully stand in our side, but the politicians who are the decision makers some times take unacceptable decisions, the decision is not fully in our hands, we take part in only a piece of the decision, we operate with them according to the points where our and their interests are met, as there is no a single Arab Country can interfere now in the Syrian crisis, all of them have enough with statements from afar, the major players in the crisis are Turkey, the International Coalition, Iran and Russia, neither the regime nor the revolutionaries are decision makers, I can not say openly the nature of our task now”.

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