Turkey-loyal factions continue to violate the American – Turkish agreement, through continuous attacks on Abu Rasin area (Zarkan) east of Ras al-Ayn city amid intense shelling

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored continuous shelling by the Turkey-loyal factions on villages belong to the Abu Rasin (Zarkan) area in the eastern countryside of Ras al-Ayn city, as a preparation for their operation in the area since this morning, amid exchange of targeting with the Syria Democratic Forces in the area using heavy and medium machineguns, and the Syrian Observatory documented the death of 3 SDF members in shelling and targeting in the area since morning, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published this morning that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that military reinforcements of Turkey-loyal factions entered at dawn on Monday through the Turkish territory; to the villages of Shokriyyeh and Jan Tamr located at the border east of Ras al-Ayn city, where groups of these factions headed with 4 tanks, artillery, and a drilling vehicle this morning to Bab al-Khair area of Abu Rasin (Zarkan) in the eastern countryside of Ras al-Ayn, and the sources added to the Syrian Observatory, that the factions began digging in the area amid mobilization there, 3 days after they attacked villages belong to Abu Rasin area, which are Bab al-Khair, Om Eshbeh, and Madb’aah.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 18th of October 2019 that clashes continue at a varying pace of violence in areas of Bab al-Khair, Om Eshbeh, and Madb’aah in the area; between the Syria Democratic Forces against armed groups loyal to Turkey, after an attack started by the latter this morning, where these groups consist of about 100 members led by one of the leaders of the factions who is from Abu Rasin area, and the clashes caused casualties and injuries of many of them, in addition to the arrest of many of them by Syria Democratic Forces including one of the group leaders.

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