Cautious calm prevails the east of Euphrates in anticipation for the implementation of the Russian – Turkish agreement after meeting between Putin and Erdogan

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and through its sources throughout the area of east Euphrates including Ayn Al-Arab (Kobani), Al-Qamishli, Al-Darbasiyah, Manbij and Al-Malikiyah, monitored cautious calm prevailing the whole area in the wake of the Russian Turkish agreement that was announced about before hours, along with the end of time limit of the cease-fire announced about by the deputy of U.S. president, Mike Pence, 5 days ago, and the area is witnessing a state of anticipation in waiting for the start of implementing the agreement actually.

And the Russian – Turkish agreement agreed upon between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Receb Tayyip Erdogan, stipulated the withdrawal of the Syria Democratic Forces from an area of 10-kilometer-deaap away of the border strip, with running Russian – Turkish joint military patrols in the area, and the agreement also stipulated the withdrawal of the SDF with their heavy gears from this area, and although the agreement preserves the status quo, it makes Turkey to be in control of nearly 60% of the areas of the north and north-east Syria.

And the Syrian Observatory monitored today morning, the regime forces continued their deployment in areas east of the Euphrates, where a convoy of regime forces went to the perimeter of the Darbasiyah area. The Syrian Observatory observed this morning that the regime forces continued their deployment in several locations east of the Euphrates, the area of ​​Jalabiya to Tal Tamr, thus the regime forces deployed on the roads of Ain Issa – Hasaka, including the road between Ain Issa – Tal Tamr – The area of ​​Jalabiya, as the regime forces brought military reinforcements to Tal Tamr, and headed towards al-​​Managir.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from reliable sources that a delegation of Russian soldiers and advisers arrived at al-Qamishli airport in northeastern Syria yesterday evening. According to the sources of the SOHR, the delegation met with leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, while sources confirmed to the “Syrian Observatory” that there was an agreement to launch joint patrols between the Syrian regime and the “SDF” on the borders of al-Qamishli and Darbasiyah, while reliable sources informed “the Observatory” that the commander of al-Hasakeh Military Council met yesterday with a Syrian Army brigadier general officer inside the security square in the city to discuss the latest developments in the region and how to coordinate between the regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

And over the course of 13 days of the Turkish military operation launched by Erdogan in the area of east Euphrates, the SOHR documented the killing of 486 members of the Turkish forces, the pro-Ankara factions, the SDF, and the regime forces, and this toll is distributed as follows: the death toll among the Syria Democratic Forces, military councils and internal security forces since the start of the Turkish military operation on Wednesday afternoon have risen to 275. The SOHR also documented the death of 5 members of the regime forces as a result of a missile targeting by the Turkish-backed factions. Meanwhile, the number of deaths among Syrian factions loyal to Ankara and the pro-Turkey cells killed in the attacks and clashes with the SDF during the same period reached 196, including 21 of the cells loyal to Ankara killed in clashes with the SDF, in addition to 10 Turkish soldiers were killed during the battels, amid information about more dead Turks on the Turkish-Syrian border, and the number of those killed is likely to rise due to the high number of wounded, some of them in serious cases.

The SOHR also documented the death of 120 citizens as a result of the targeting, sniping, shells and raids, while the Turkish military Oberation resulted in the displacement of 300000 citizens at least.

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