Unidentified helicopters carry out an airdrop at the junction of Al-Sheyoukh in Jarabulus .. and arrest a family believed to be Iraqi .. and the area of Harbal witnesses violent clashes between the Free Army and the Kurdish forces

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored heavy flight of helicopters whose identity is not known so far, over the area of Al-Hawy in Jarabulus west of the Euphrates River, and sources informed the SOHR, that reconnaissance drones flew before the flight the these helicopters in the skies of the area, pointing out that 2 helicopters flew at low altitude, while a third one landed near the area of Al-Mal’ab which is located on the road to “Jisr Al-Sheyoukh” south-east pf Jarabulus city, where a family believed to be Iraqi were arrested in the area, and they are suspected to belong to the “Islamic State” organization, then the helicopter left the area, and reliable sources said that one of the helicopters carried out an airdrop on Al-Sheyoukh Road, amid information about the fact that the helicopters are Turkish and they are carrying out an arrest targeting sleeper cells of the organization, but it was revealed after the airdrop that these members are affiliated to “Liwaa Al-Shamal” which is operating under the banner of Operation “Euphrates Shield”.

Separately, the SOHR monitored fierce clashes between the factions of the Free Army against the Kurdish forces in the area of “Harbal” village and “Sheikh Issa”, where the pro-Turkey factions targeted positions of the Kurdish forces and the regime forces, which pushed the Kurdish forces to respond, and the crossfire resulted in the killing of 3 members of the Turkey-loyal forces.

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