Targeting a village between Shrekrak and al-Raqqah city by the Turkish drones kills and injures 6 civilians

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 2 civilians and the injury of 4 others, in targeting by a Turkish drone warplane for Hasha village, which is located between Sherkrak and al-Raqqah city, and over 30 days the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented 148 civilians fall victim to the indiscriminate shelling and battles waged by Turkey on northern Syria. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the number of civilians killed since the beginning of the Turkish military operation has risen to 148, including 35 as a result of Turkish airstrikes targeting the city of Ras al-Ain, its surroundings and its eastern countryside, and the village of Rihaniya in al-Malikiyah countryside, including a citizen and two local press crew. Among the civilian casualties, 28 by bombing and targeting on the city of Ras al-Ain, where the bodies were buried earlier because of the siege on the city, and 40 including a child, a party official and two females were shot and executed by pro-Turkish factions on the highway south of the city of Tal Abyad and areas north of Ein Issa and the town of Selouk, including 6 of the Medical Teams. In addition, 7 civilians including two employees of the self-administration were killed in the ground shelling on the outskirts of Tel Abyad, and 6 including a child, a woman and two elderly men due to rocket fire at Al-Bashiriya, Qadur bey and Al-Zaytouniya neighborhoods. Also, 5 civilians including a child were killed in shelling on the perimeter and countryside of Ras al-Ain area in Hasakah countryside, 4 by Turkish air strikes on Al-Bajiya village in Tal Abyad area, 3 by sniper in Tal Abyad, and a girl in shelling targeting Al-Qahtaniya countryside. Also, A man was shot by a Turkish sniper in al-Qamishli city, a man was shot by Turkish missiles on the outskirts of Qasr Deeb village in al-Malikiyah countryside, in addition to 2 civilians killed in the bombing of pro-Turkish factions at al-Farat village north of Manbij city, and a female child was killed by rocket shelling by the Turkish forces on a village in Ain Issa, a man and his wife were killed in shelling by the Turkish artillery on Tal Warda village in Abu Rasin Township, and 3 civilians were killed in shelling by Ankara-loyal factions on Aniyakel village in Abu Rasin Township, and 7 civilians including 2 children were killed in a the explosion of a booby-trapped car in Tal Abyad city, in addition to one civilian died after being run over by a Turkish armored vehicle during a protest against the Russian – Turkish patrols in the area.

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