Turkish drones continue to target positions of the regime forces in Tal Tamr countryside and hit officers including a General and a Brigadier General

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the fall of more casualties of the regime forces in the continuous air attacks by Turkish drones, where officers were injured, one of them is a General and the other one is a Brigadier General in addition to other members, after the Turkish drones targeted their positions in the area between Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin, while 4 members of the regime were killed in the past hours by air and ground targeting by the Turkish Forces for the area, and the Syrian Observatory just published that clashes continue violently between Turkey-loyal factions against the Syria Democratic Forces in several places within the area between Tal Tamr town and Abu Rasin (Zarkan), accompanied by intensive ground shelling between both parties, in addition to the continuation of targeting the area by the Turkish drones, which caused more casualties in the ranks of SDF and the regime forces, also a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent team was injured by Turkish airstrikes; while they were transporting wounded of the clashes, in addition to injuring one of the medical team of the regime in the same targeting, and in the same context, a member of the Syria Democratic Forces died and another was injured, when a Turkish drone targeted a car in Hish village between Sherkrak and al-Raqqah.

The Syrian Observatory published this afternoon that the clashes continue at a violent pace in several places within the area between Tal Tamr town and Abu Rasin area (Zarkan), between the Syria Democratic Forces against the Turkey-loyal factions, as part of the violent attack carried out by the factions Saturday morning, and the Syrian Observatory learned that the regime forces withdrew from Mashafah, Dawoudiyyeh, Qasimiyah, al-Dardarah, al-Arisha and other sites, leaving the Syria Democratic Forces alone in repelling the violent attack, which comes with the intensive ground support of tens of shells and missiles by the Turkish Forces, in addition to the flight of Turkish drones over the zone and targeting the fighting area, and the sources added to the Syrian Observatory that the withdrawal of the regime forces came after killing and injuring several members in the ground shelling, and although they possess heavy weapons, they did not participate in repelling the attack, on the contrary, they withdrew, which is what they do in every violent attack by the Ankara-loyal factions on the area.

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