Tens of vehicles affiliated to the International Coalition enter Syria towards their bases east of the Euphrates

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the entry of a military column of tens of vehicles, armored vehicles and trucks, as a part of military and logistic reinforcements, where the column was watched in Al-Qamishly city heading to the west.

On November 5, SOHR published that it monitored the arrival of major military reinforcements of the International Coalition forces to the former headquarters of the “113th Brigade”, which became a military base for the Coalition, and sources told the Syrian Observatory that this new base is about 8 km to the east of Euphrates, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 4th that Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented today evening, a patrol of U.S. forces roaming near the Turkish border near Ayn Diwar village of Al-Malikiyah city (Dayrik).

The patrol took Al-Siyasi Road adjacent to the Turkish border passing by Smilka crossing point.

Sources of SOHR said that the U.S. patrol was escorted by a vehicle of Syria Democratic Forces.

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