The Syrian regime’s “State Security Branch” installs 20 new checkpoints in Douma and prevents who carried out “settlements” from leaving the city

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory learned that the “State Security” Branch known as “al-Khatib Branch 215” of the regime forces, deployed about 20 security checkpoints in neighborhoods of Douma city in Rif Dimashq, and according to information of the “Syrian Observatory” the new checkpoints were positioned at the pedestrian bridge in Kornish Douma Street, the entrance to the sheep market, the al-Kabir Mosque, al-Baghdadi Street, and some secondary roads, where all checkpoints stop the pedestrians, strict the movement of civilians, and conduct a “security check” for women and men, in a related context, reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the “State Security” which is in charge of security in Douma city prevented tens of young people who made “reconciliations and settlements” from getting out of Douma city to areas in the Eastern Ghouta and the capital Damascus, arguing that the settlements they made when Jaysh al-Islam left the city were for the purpose of statistics, and that the “State Security” is in the process of making a new settlement for Douma city, warning young people who have made “reconciliations and compromises” not to go out of the city until it is carried out.

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