From official al-Hisba of ISIS responsible for the deaths of detainees under torture, to a commander in the National Army fights in “Peace Spring” Operation

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained new documented information about the members and former leaders of the “Islamic State” organization, who are now part of the military structure of the Turkey-loyal National Army, and according to the Syrian Observatory, “S. A. A.” is one of the Organization’s most prominent leaders in the area of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) and Jarabulus, and he became a leader in the ranks of the national army, the leader is from al-Jadidah village in the western countryside of Ayn al-Arab and was born in 1982, he was the head of al-Hisba of the Organization in al-Shyoukh Tahtani area, and upon his arrival in Jarabulus city northeast of Aleppo, he received the file of prisoners there and many of the detainees died under torture at his hands, then he left the “Islamic State” organization after it broke down in the area, and he returned to the forefront again but this time through the gate of the Turkey-loyal National Army. Now he is participating in “Peace Spring” Operation north and northeast of Syria.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 8th of November 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has obtained new documented information, confirming that many of the members fighting in the ranks of the Turkey-loyal “Syrian National Army” used to be in the ranks of the “Islamic State” Organization, their names changed, and they moved to fight in the ranks of the “National Army,” and some of the information obtained by the Syrian Observatory there is a file of a person called “B.G.A.”, he is called “Abu Osama al-Shami”, born in Damascus 1993 and joined Jabhat al-Nusra in 2012 in the Ghouta, then he swore allegiance to the “Islamic State” Organization in 2014 and fought in its ranks in Ghouta and al-Suwaidaa countryside.

According to reliable sources, in 2016 Abu Osama al-Shami moved to the external security of “Damascus” State, then he went to Idlib in 2017 and had a military course in Turkey before returning with his other name “G.G.A.” to fight in the ranks of the Turkey-loyal factions as part of “Olive Branch” operation, which was launched by the Turkish Forces and their loyal factions on Afrin in January 2018, in addition to his participation in “al-Shahba” battle. Reliable sources confirmed that “B” is currently in “Tal Abyad” and he is part of the Special Forces of the Turkey-loyal “al-Hamzat faction”, with “Peace Spring” operation launched by Turkish Forces and the factions loyal to them of the “Syrian National Army,” in early October 2019, and according to reliable sources, “this person was one of the leaders of the Islamic State organization, before his name was changed and recruited again in the Syrian National Army.”

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