After the killing of a citizen by the gunfire of Turkey-loyal factions ..  anger and protests continue in Al-Bab city

The Syrian Observatory for human Rights monitored the continuation of demonstrations in Al-Bab city, in protest against opening fire by the Military Police on demonstrators which resulted in the killing of one of them as well as the injury of others.

Sources informed SOHR that tens of young men headed to Center Park in Al-Bab city, where they crashed the park’s walls in addition to other acts of sabotage expressing their anger against the way of confronting the demonstrators, while smoke was seen rising due to setting fire to tires.

Sources confirmed to SOHR that the Turkish officers inside the barracks, are the ones who ordered the pro-Turkey factions to open fire on the demonstrators.

SOHR published short time ago, that it documented the death of a young man affected by the injury he had due to intensive gunfire by the Turkish-backed police of “Al-Bab”, while trying to disperse the demonstration which witnessed the participation of hundreds of people of Al-Bab city, through which they stormed the building of the city’s police.

Another person was also injured in this gunfire, while tension is still prevailing throughout the city, amid popular overwhelming resentment against what is going in Al-Bab.

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