In conjunction with the entry of winter .. a tent goes on fire in Idlib countryside amid lack of fire extinguishing tools in camps

The sufferings of displaced people in the camps renew every winter, as there are neither suitable tents to protect them from cold nor safe ways for heating, and every winter, fires increases causing more damages and leaving families in the open, along with the lack of fire extinguishing tools which helps in aggravating the disaster and led to the burning of more plastic tens, in which theses camps became just figures for the relief organizations.

In this context, a fire broke out in a camp near Armanaz city known as “Shahranaz” Camp, which accommodates nearly 150 tents, more than 500 persons, which resulted in the burning of a tent leaving its dwellers in the open.

The area of Jabal Shashaboo have came under intensive shelling since June 2019, and the area witnessed large waves of displacement in the past months, where most of the area’s residents fled to the north of Idlib, in the wake of the military escalation by the regime forces and their ally, Russia, in late April 2019, along with the intensive aerial bombardment and field advancements.

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