Practices of Tashbih in the Syrian Coast target a member in Tartus City Council

Sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that a member of “Tartus” City Council was beaten by unidentified persons, against the backdrop of decrees he issued about removing violations on road reserve in the city, were 3 masked men have beaten the member of “Tartus” City Council in front of his house last Wednesday, which caused traumas and wounds, after he signed an approval of removing violations on the road reserve by influential people within the Syrian regime’s institutions, which ignited a state of discontent among the locals against the practices of the people above the law in the area of the Syrian Coast, as there are no limits for the Tashbih (from Shabiha; the abuse of power) of families that rest on a powerful official whether being civilian or military.

The sources of SOHR pointed to the violations of these families who cause fires in the bushes to seize agricultural lands, like what happened in the past weeks, in addition that these families became professionals in all forms of smuggling, from weapons to drugs and Hashish brought by the Lebanese Hezbollah, in the wake of the cross interests between them, also the militias break the law, where they make a career of stealing public money and smuggling objects and goods to Lebanon exploiting their influence in the area.

It is noteworthy that the majority of violators are of those close to Al-Assad’s regime and influential people who are above the law, a situation that makes the Syria Coast as if it was an independent state has its own law and governed by the closest and most loyal persons to the ruling family.

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