The war’s leftovers injure a child seriously amid the civil society organizations’ disregard towards their dangers

A child was injured and his limbs were badly wounded, after the explosion of a landmine of the war’s leftovers while grazing sheep in Allous village west of Al-Shaddadi city in Al-Hasakah countryside.

It is noteworthy that the areas which witnessed conflicts and war still contain thousands of mines and remnants which lie in wait for their victims.

On the other hand, awareness about the danger of war’s remnants still fails to meet the scale of the disaster that threatens the safety of children in particular, amid absence of the organizations’ role in this field

The war’s remnants remain obstacles in the face of citizens to carry out their agricultural activities, especially in the areas which witnessed military operations during the presence of the “Islamic State” organization.

Thus, it rose to 200 people including 61 women and 50 children, the number of people who were killed by mines and IED explosions in several areas of the Syrian territory in Homs, Hama, and Deir Ezzor since the beginning of January 2019 until today.

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