A child killed in the wake of continued security chaos in Daraa province

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the killing of a child due to gunfire of unidentified gunmen, while he was with his father on the road between Al-Sanamayn – al-Qenniyye in the northern countryside of Daraa

Thus, the number of attacks and assassination attempts in various forms and methods through the detonation of IEDs, mines, booby-trapped vehicles and shooting during the period between last June to the present day, rose to more than 175 attempts, while the number of those killed and died in those attempts during the same period rose to 122, they are: 16 civilians, including 3 females and 2 children, in addition to 62 of regime forces, their affiliates and collaborators with the security forces, 23 faction fighters who have conducted “reconciliation” and are now among the security forces, including former seniors and 14 Syrian militia men affiliated with Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian forces, in addition to 6 fighters of the so-called “Fifth Corps” which was established by Russia.

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