SDF carry out a violent attack on Shrekrak Silos in the Ayn Issa countryside to recover them from the Ankara-loyal factions

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a violent attack carried out by the Syria Democratic Forces on Shrekrak silos in the countryside of Ayn Issa north of al-Raqqah city, where violent clashes are taking place between them against the Turkey-loyal factions, are accompanied by intensive exchange of shelling and targeting, in an attempt by the SDF to regain control of the silos that the factions had taken control of 3 days earlier, and the Syrian Observatory monitored yesterday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored violent attack by the Turkish forces and their loyal factions, on positions of Syria Democratic Forces in the villages of Qa’ali, Jurn, Qurunfil and Sarung in Tal Abyad countryside north of Al-Raqqah, in conjunction with intense artillery and rocket shelling that targeted positions of SDF.

Meanwhile, confirmed information was received about the fall of casualties and injuries in the ranks of both parties due to the ongoing clashes since today’s evening.

On November 18, SOHR published that the Turkish Forces and their loyal factions have taken control of Shrekrak Silos in Ayn Issa countryside north of al-Raqqah city, where the factions took advantage of the withdrawal of the Syria Democratic Forces from the silos; as a result of the meeting of the Russians with the Turks at sunset on Sunday, then they brought heavy machines, military, and logistical reinforcements to the silos, which are supposed to be handed over to Russia, however, the Turkish Forces and their loyal factions took control of them after the meeting.

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