3 casualties including 2 children killed in the explosion of a missile of the war’s remnants in Idlib countryside .. and the number of casualties killed in mine explosions since the beginning of this year increases to nearly 210

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented today the death of 2 children and a young man as a result of the explosion of a missile of the war’s leftovers in the vicinity of Maarrat Al-Nu’man city in Idlib countryside.

It is noteworthy that the area is under daily intensive shelling, and the unexploded ordnances are considered source of income for those who make a career of looking for them.

Thus, it rose to 207 people including 61 women and 52 children, the number of people who were killed by mines and IED explosions in several areas of the Syrian territory in Homs, Hama, and Deir Ezzor since the beginning of January 2019 until today.

Among the total number of casualties the Syrian Observatory documented the death of 44 people including 30 women and 5 children, also the Syrian Observatory documented the killing and execution of 35 members of the regime forces; as they were passing over minefield areas, or arrested by groups of ISIS and executed during their search and collection of the truffle which grows in the areas that is subjected to heavy rain, and it is sold at very high prices.

While the IEDs and mines have also left tens of wounded since the second half of February until now, mostly citizen women, and their injuries varied between severe, amputations, middle, and simple wounds.

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