In violation to children’s rights .. an employer hangs a child works for him from his hands in Jisr Al-Shughur countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by Sources, that an employer hung a child works for him from his hands for more than an hour, and this way of torture is known among the Syrians as “Al-Shabh”, it is similar to that way used by the Syrian regime in its detention centers.

Sources confirmed to SOHR, that the child is 13 years old and works for the craftsman mentioned above in Zarzur town in the northern countryside of Jisr Al-Shughur.

There are tens of similar cases across Syria, where this phenomenon leaves negative impacts in the child’s mind that reflect on him and society, not to mention the exploitation of children in work they are not physically or mentally qualified to do.

Wars are associated with phenomena whose only victims are the human, and during the Syrian Revolution, the phenomenon of child labor have widely grown, this phenomenon emerged due to the poverty, lack of education and the state of instability, where it became familiar in every street and workshop to see children working in different crafts for earning their living, may be for helping their families in daily expenses after they and their householders got tired of the war’s effects, in addition to the presence of thousands of disabled due to the war machine and remnants.

In north-west Syria, there are thousands of families whose householders are females for different reasons such as the man being disabled, dead, or in prisons for years, which makes children involve in labor market like men, after leaving education to learn a craft.

The displaced people in the north-west Syria forms more than two-thirds of the original population, where they have been displaced to Idlib fleeing the Syrian regime’s crackdown.

It is noteworthy that many international conventions have criminalized the exploitation of child labor and warned not to risk their safety.

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