Barrel bombs and raids target the “de-escalation” zone in conjunction with intensive ground shelling on both Idlib and Aleppo countryside

Helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Kafr Nubl town and its vicinity in the southern countryside of Idlib, and the area of Kabani in Latakia countryside.

Meanwhile, rocket launchers of the regime forces shelled the towns of Al-Najiyah, Bdama, Maraand and Al-Kandah in the western countryside of Idlib, and Khan Al-Asal and Jam’eyyat Al-Kahrabaa in Aleppo countryside.

Also the Russian guarantor’s warplanes carried out raids targeting Hazarin town and Al-Mshirfah area in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib.

In connection to this, SOHR monitored the explosion of a warehouse contains ammunition and arms affiliated to the Iranian militias in Tal Darin area south of Aleppo, after being targeted by the rebel factions.

Thus, it rose to 29, the number of the barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on Maar Zita, Kafr Nubl and Kafr Sajna in the southern countryside of Idlib, and Kabani area in the northern countryside of Latakia.

The Russian warplanes also carried out raids targeting Hazarin, Al-Zarzur, Kafr Nubl, Rakaya Sajna, Muqah, Basqala and Arinbeh in Idlib countryside, raising the number of their raids to 26.

The regime’s warplanes had a share of today’s bombardment with 4 raids at least that targeted Al-Zarzur area.

The Islamic factions shelled positions of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them in Al-Rasif village and Frika in Sahl Al-Ghab in the north-western countryside of Hama, they also targeted positions of the regime forces in Azzan Mountain in Aleppo countryside, without information about casualties.

In connection to this, the regime forces shelled Jazraya town in the southern countryside of Aleppo by high-explosive missiles.

SOHR published today morning that violent clashes took place after midnight of yesterday between the factions and Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham against the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them, in an attack by the last on la-Zarzour area in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, accompanied by shelling by regime’s warplanes on the area, but the factions were able to repel the attack.

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