Syria’s Tomorrow Movement headed by Ahmad al-Jarba condemns the targeting of “Qah” camp: a new war crime added to the series of “regime’s” violations

Syrian Tomorrow Movement issued a statement today condemning in the strongest terms “the sinful, criminal, and unjustified attack against civilians in Qah camp, where innocent people of children, women, and poor Syrian refugees were bombed, this massacre is considered to be a mass murder and a war crime added to the list of serious violations against humanity committed by the regime and its allies in Syria.”

In a statement obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syria’s Tomorrow says: “we are in Syria’s Tomorrow Movement as we express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims; we believe that it is the duty of the countries which are supporting the peace process and the ceasefire; to work to stop this unjust shelling.” It also added: “This unjust bombing -which continues to claim the lives of innocent Syrians- has taking place for 9 years, we call for the documentation and accountability of those responsible for this cowardly act, and we affirm our commitment to serious political action to stop blood shedding, and to reach the desired peace in a free and democratic state.”

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