Regime’s security services transfer tens of detainees of Damascus and Rif Dimashq the “human slaughterhouse,” Sednaya prison

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that tens of detainees from areas south of Damascus, and people of the Eastern Ghouta were transferred from the Branch 235 aka “Filastin” branch and the branch 251 aka “al-Khatib” branch; to Sednaya Military Prison, after they completed the interrogation in the security branches after arresting them on various charges, flowing their control of the area and the departure of military factions from areas south of Damascus and the Eastern Ghouta to the Syrian north, and according to the Syrian Observatory’s information, the number of detainees transferred exceeded 50 detainees and most of them were former fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions, they were arrested despite the fact that they carried out “settlements and reconciliations,” and received assurances that they will be left alone by the security branches.

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