Smugglers deceive Ras al-Ayn citizens who want to flee the Ankara-loyal faction-controlled area by handing them over to Turkey and accusing them of being “Autonomous Administration” and “SDF”

The Turkey-loyal factions continue to commit countless violations against civilians in the areas under their control in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn, where systematic thefts of citizens’ property and public property take place, in addition to all that can be stolen within the controlled areas of these factions, and over the past period the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented numerous cases of abuses against civilians, from theft of property, physical, and verbal abuse, and abuse against the citizens who did not flee, in addition to the kidnapping of civilians to obtain ransom in exchange for their release, and according to new information obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights through reliable sources, “some of those fleeing Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad confirmed that some civilians who were unable to escape at the beginning of the war; tried to escape with their families through smugglers by paying up to $300 for each person, in order to be delivered to the nearest point of the Autonomous Administration areas.”

The trusted sources continued: “what is happening is that they and most of their families were sent to Turkey, they are handed over to the Turks as Autonomous Administration loyalists or employees, while the young men and men are handed over as members of the SDF and the Internal Security Forces (Asayish),” the sources confirmed that “this handover was made after they were robbed of all their money and gold,” and the sources said: “there were people who managed to escape after they discovered that the cars which were supposed to smuggle them are heading north, i.e. towards Turkey, and we met many people who confirmed this, and they escaped after they knew what was really happing.”

And as part of the violations carried out by the Turkey-loyal factions against the Syrian civilians and their property, the Syrian Observatory learned through reliable sources, that stealing the industrial equipment in the “al-Sinaa” neighbourhood of Ras al-Ayn (Sari Kani) continues, after all industrial equipment and iron materials were stolen and introduced into Turkey, reliable sources said: “theft of grain and wheat stored in Ras al-Ayn silos continues.”

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