The Fighting Continues in Northern Syria

The Kurds vow to defend themselves—alone if necessary—against Syria, Turkey and Russia.

Global View: The fall of Baghdadi’s so-called caliphate brings the U.S. a little closer to the end of its longest war, but the withdrawal of U.S. support in northern Syria could provide conditions for its re-emergence as a serious military force. Image: Zuma Press

Tal Tamr, Syria

The sound of Turkish artillery breaks the silence of the morning in the village of Umm Kaif, less than 2 miles from Tal Tamr near the Syrian-Turkish border. Despite the proclamation of a cease fire last month, the Turkish army and its Syrian rebel allies are still clashing with the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces, and lately also the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Kurdish mortars return fire a minute or so after the shelling starts. Umm Kaif’s defenders burn tires and oil…

Source: The Fighting Continues in Northern Syria – WSJ

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