The news about handing over “Ayn Issa” to the regime forces is completely false .. and the “Autonomous Administration” transfers its headquarters for being considered an area of clash

Informed sources dismissed news circulated on media outlets affiliated with the regime, about handing over the entire area of “Ayn Issa” to the regime forces and the withdrawal of Syria Democratic Forces from it.

In statements to SOHR, the sources confirmed that the action of transporting the headquarters of and centers of the Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria from Ayn Issa to Al-Raqqah, comes in the shadow of considering Ayn Issa area as an area of clash, and there are no any accords to hand the area over to the regime forces.

It is noteworthy that media outlets affiliated to the “regime” said that according to an agreement between Russia and SDF, the latter withdraw from Ayn Issa in Al-Raqqah and hand it over to the regime forces.

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