With intense support by Russian warplanes .. the regime forces regain control of a village east of Maarrat Al-Nu’man and continue their attacks to recover more villages in the area

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the continuation of fierce battles in several areas south-east of Idlib city in the eastern countryside of Maarrat Al-Nu’man, between the factions and jihadi groups on one hand, and the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them on the other, in an attack started yesterday after midnight by the latter, in order to recover the areas they lost for the factions in the hit-and-run clashes that have been continuing for 3 days.

The Syrian Observatory learned that the regime forces backed by Russian aircraft, managed to regain control of Saruj and parts of Rasm Al-Ward village, while the regime forces shelled after midnight, places in Sahal, Al-Tinah, Saruj, Al-Burj and Al-Buraysah in the eastern countryside of Idlib, as well as other places in Hish, Maarrat Hurmah and Kafr Sajnah in the southern countryside of Idlib.

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