Nearly 10 citizens killed or injured in shelling by the Kurdish forces on Azaz city north of Aleppo in conjunction with Turkish artillery shelling on Shirawa Township

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored rocket shelling by the Kurdish forces on Azaz city which is under control of the Turkish forces and their loyal factions in the northern countryside of Aleppo, which resulted in the killing of a citizen woman as well as the injury of more than 7 others including 3 women.

In the same context, the Turkish forces and factions loyal to them shelled places in Shirawa Township which is under control of the Kurdish forces north of Aleppo city, without information about casualties so far.

SOHR documented yesterday the killing of 10 citizens (9 children under the age of eighteen and an old man) due to the fall of Turkish shells near a school in the town.

The shelling also left nearly 21 injuries some of whom are still suffering serious wounds which may raise the death toll.

It is noteworthy that Tal Rifaat town contains a large number of people from Afrin forced to displace from their areas due to the Turkish military operation “Olive Branch”.

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